Other Sports

In modern days, they love football, cycling, Rugby union, basketball, handball, athletics, boxing, tennis and martial arts. Football in particular is quite popular and they even built the Omnisport Stadium specifically to host the 1998 African Cup of Nations wherein they reached the semi-finals which qualified them for the FIFA World Youth Championship that was held in UAE, 2003.
The biggest name if football that came from this country includes Kassoum Ouegraogo, Siaka Ouattara and Moumouni Dagano.

Another sport that has picked up popularity is cycling since it is also a means of transportation for the Burkinabés. They even hold an annual race called Tour du Faso in November and has been part of the UCI Africa Tour since 2005.
As far as the Olympics are concerned, the country first joined the Summer Olympic Games in the 1972 Munich Games then skipped the three following games. They then again joined the 1988 Seoul Olympic Games and to date, they are yet to take home a single Olympic medal.